We created mentorship programs for new mums from Africa. Here’s why

We created mentorship programs for new mums from Africa. Here’s why

Earlier in 2022, I gave birth to a gorgeous little lady who turned my life around. But before then, my friend and business partner had her baby four months earlier and for her to pull through the difficult first weeks, she had to lean on friends, families and adorable godparents who made her feel absolutely welcomed in their home. From her experience, I knew reading about parenting was not going to be enough. I would need a strong set of support systems.

And that’s what I did.

I leaned on her, my mums, my husband, my friends and a host of so many other experienced mums who were there to pump my brakes every time I was getting way ahead of myself in the panic department. And I was very good. I was on leave and I enjoyed the time away to just take in the time with my little one.

But then, it was time to go back to work. And the real panic began.

See, I never really put a lot of thought into being a parent before I got married. I was all about my career progression. I had a ladder I had begun to climb and so many other things I wanted to do with my life. But the minute I got pregnant, every other thing did not matter. All my life goals became about her and making sure that I am worthy of being a mum to her. I want to also ensure that she is not messed up. I don’t want to screw her up. So, I made a lot of big changes to ensure that I am the kind of mother that would have enough time to be present for my child.

And I love every minute of it. I do not regret it at all.

But I know that I am cut out for a lot more. I have so many potentials that I had not (still have not) even tapped into. I have got so many dreams that I have not even lived. And I had a very clear career path before my baby came along. I worried that I would just give them up all for her. It would be worth it. But she could not be blamed for that.

I knew that I owed it to myself to tap into all that I can in myself. To be all that I can be. So that when I talk to my children about living their dreams, it would be from my experience. Because I will be doing it. They will be seeing the example in me. And they will be proud.

That was when I thought to speak to people who are already living the kind of life that I wanted. Mothers who have amazing careers but are also holding it down at home with their children and their husband. I wanted to find out how they are doing it, get some tips on how I can do it and what kind of sacrifices I would have to make along the way.

And I did. And I am still leaning on them for wisdom to build the kind of life that I know is possible for me. Because I see examples in them. And when my wonderful friend and I started to chat with some other mums in our circle, we saw that a lot of people are also freaked out about balancing their career with being a mum. Incredible professionals and those you’ll refer to as early achievers who were crushing it in their fields before they became mums are now struggling to keep it together because they have this new responsibility that they do not want to screw up. Just like us. We knew we had to do something.

That was what gave birth to the Mentorship program; an avenue for new mums to be paired with experienced mums who are balancing parenting with their professions. What you get is the one on one consultation with someone who is living the life you desire, someone who has walked the path that you are just trying to walk so that they can help you avoid silly mistakes. And they can give you pro tips on what to do better, and hold space with you in the most authentic way possible. Then you get to also be in a community with other like minded mums to rub minds with and support one another. It is that simple.

The Mentorship program is FREE, mums. This is your Christmas gift. You are welcome.

Apply using this link; https://umiformothers.com/apply/