Make some memories this season

Make some memories this season

A few things to reflect on

One of my most happiest and cherished childhood memories is celebrating Christmas with my family. I remember waking up early to wear my Christmas clothes, going to the church for prayers, going out with my friends to relatives and friends houses and then returning home to a feast of delicious dishes like jollof rice, pepper soup and one of our local food called ‘Ukodo‘ The atmosphere was filled with joy, togetherness, and the spirit of giving. It’s a memory that has left a profound impact on me and one I look forward to recreating with my own children.

Florence Polit on Umi Spotlight

My happiest memories were with my mom and all my siblings, singing and dancing to hymns and alujo’s. Dancing in the rain, listening to my elder sister (Sis. Bose)’s cartoon storytelling, eating my younger brother (Ola)’s very delicious egusi soup, hyping our last born (Michael)’s artistic drawings…. These are unforgettable memories for me. I cherish you all greatly including our small mummy, Sis Bukky.

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Things to try this weekend

Reflect. But have an amazing celebration with your family members this weekend.

Enjoy some family traditions, make new memories. Have some fun. Let your hair down and be in the moment with your children, your husbands and everyone else around.

We hope that you will make the most of this holiday.

As you celebrate, don’t forget to take some precautions to keep the children safe and protected against cold and cough this season. Check out some home remedies that you could use.

This will be our last official mail for the year. Since the team members are mums, we will be closing for the year to spend some quality time with our little humans, our husbands and our amazing extended family members. We will send one more mail before the year ends after which we will resume by January 8th. Stay safe out there, mums. We love you!

Apply for the Umi Mentorship Program this weekend. If you have benefited from the program, share with other new mothers within your circle. See what others are saying about the experience.

Enjoy your weekend!

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