You don’t need to join the bandwagon

You don’t need to join the bandwagon

We are in a very volatile time and a very unpredictable economy (sigh). With everything going on in the world, definitions of so many things have changed including the concept of work, survival and even health. What used to be overlooked before are coming to the fore and what used to be significant before appear to be over-saturated that it almost looks like they do not matter anymore.

Because of this, well understood convictions are changing about a lot of things, including visions, goals, aspirations and how to make money. And a lot of us just think if we just follow the trend to do what people seem to want, then maybe we will make headway. Just maybe we can also lay claim to something.

And sometimes this works. But a lot of times, it fails.

Because every working system is rooted in deep personal convictions that extend to everyone within the system. The motivation alone cannot be because it is in vogue. It would have to be because you are invested in making it work.

I know that standing out seems to be so unpopular right now. Even patiently staying on the path that you’ve always known to be yours sometimes even appears daunting. Everyone else seems to be going far ahead without you and you feel frustrated.

That is absolutely valid. I am right there with you on that one.

However, the grass is only greener where you water it. You have prayed, you are sure you are supposed to be doing what you are doing and daily, you stay turning every stone that needs to be turned to make those things happen. Eventually, you will break even. It might take a little while longer that you’d hoped. But it surely will happen. If you keep at it.

The true staying power is rooted in personal convictions. An absolute belief that “I am doing exactly everything that I should be doing.” Not because everyone else is doing it. But because I know this is the right path for me.

An adage in my language, Yoruba says, “Ile ti a fi ito mo, iri ni yoo wo danu.” it literally translates, “a house built with saliva will collapse when it drizzles.” It means a good structure that will last and stand the test of time needs to have a solid foundation. A solid foundation cannot be built on trends. Because trends are fickle; they change. They do not last for long.

I say all that to urge us all to work on establishing a solid foundation rooted in deep convictions now. Let’s save ourselves from the woes of the bandwagon effects.

It will pay off. I truly believe that.