What ‘unserious’ generational habit are you breaking?

What ‘unserious’ generational habit are you breaking?

A few things to reflect on

One thing to ask yourself

What “unserious” generational habit are you breaking?

I grew up in one of those households where we have a nylon bag that held all other nylon bags, where we have more tupperwares than we could ever use. And no food went to waste; no matter how much we had. Well… I do all of these now 😀 . My house is filled with more tupperwares than I would need and more nylons than I can count. I just cannot throw them out; I mean, they might be useful. And they usually are.

well, I never said I had it all figured out.

But I do make sure to say, “I love you” at least twice to my daughter everyday. And I try to apologise when I see that I have treated her unfairly. I don’t think I got enough of that while growing up.

Over to you, Beautiful Mama!
What generational habits have you began to break?
Please share with us.

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