What do you need?

What do you need?

A few things to reflect on

One thing to ask yourself

What do I need?

For all that you hope to achieve for the remaining days of the year and the lot that you plan to do in the new year, what would you need to get that done? Name it. Really? Reply this newsletter to tell me. I might be able to help.

If it’s training, I might have some links to hook you up. If it’s someone to listen and respond, I am very good at that. If it’s any other resources too, I might have links for that as well. Or maybe a pointer to how you can get it.

And if you are not comfortable sharing with me, write it down. That might be the first step to you figuring out how to get it. I am always rooting for you. Always.

One thing for you to try this weekend

Let this video inspire you to curate a menu for your family for the holidays.

Which of the sections resonated the most with you?

🔥 The quotes to reflect on

🔥 The question to ask myself

🔥 The one thing for me to try this weekend


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