Pap don too tire me!

Pap don too tire me!

It’s raining babies this November. My beautiful sister gave me a wonderful baby girl, Eden. She is special, y’all. And two of my long time friends popped their own cherry of goodness. You guys are giving me baby fever! Maybe I will do mine next valentine like you guys, so that this time next year, I will also be popping my own cherry (I know what you guys did, 😜).

Anyway, just kidding…womb watchers, go and take several seats.

I know you guys would have had your fair share of pap by now (Nigerian mums, I dey talk to una). And while you want to increase your milk supply so that your baby can have enough for his/her nutrients, it can become extremely tiring and boring to continue to take the same thing over and again. I feel you. I got tired as well. And then I found out…

You really don’t have to continue to take pap, if you don’t want to.

What increases your milk supply is a good diet, lots of rest, continuous breastfeeding, proper latching, and enough hydration.

And pap is not the only way to stay hydrated. There are other fluids that you can take to increase your milk supply. Some of them include:



Coconut milk/water

Fenugreek tea – I took this one and yes, it works. I have attached a video below for you to learn more about the benefits and how to prepare the tea.

Water – plain old water


Fruit juices

Pepper soup

The idea is to take fluid or food that contains enough nutrients for you and your baby. Healthy food and healthy drink – that’s what you need. And that is not only available in pap, right?

So, you have lots of options. No more boring drinks, if you are tired. Switch it up.

Continue to pump, continue to put that baby to breast, get enough rest and trust that your baby is fine. Because research has shown that if you believe that you are not making enough milk, your milk production will reduce. So, Mamas, what you are making is enough for that baby. So relax!

And congratulations again.


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