90 days is more than enough!

90 days is more than enough!

As we continue to reflect on the year and make plans for the new year, I will like us to do it better this time around.

We have talked about being very intentional about the activities that we fill our days with as well as the need to have a system around our goals. But I want us to take a cue from our pregnancy journey today as we plan for the new year.

Every 12 weeks of pregnancy is a trimester. Every trimester indicates different stages of growth for our babies and a different wave of energy for us. Every complete trimester is the completion of one vital organ or parts of our babies. That goes to show you that 90 days is enough to complete meaningful things.

The problem with setting goals for the year is that it sometimes become so bogus that you have no idea how to get it done. Sometimes, the mistake a lot of people make is also thinking that there’s still time. Only to get to December and you are wondering, “where did the time go?”

Why not set achievable goals for each quarter of the year. The beautiful thing about having a 90 day goal is that it is enough time for you to get it done and a short enough deadline for you to want to do it and for you to feel the urgency for it to be done.

Let’s make some bold move next year as mothers. Let’s set Realistic goals for different aspects of our lives for each quarter of 2024.

Because you know you’ve only got 90 days to do, commit to putting 90 minutes of your time to it on a daily basis. As a mum, I realise it might not be possible to get 90 minutes everyday. However, you can decide how many minutes you want to commit to your goals everyday.

You just need to be consistent. At first, it won’t look like you are breaking any grounds. But stay with it and your goals will be achieved.

90 days is enough time, Mamas. We can achieve so much if we just make it realistic enough and are consistent with it. Use the FREE Printable planner to get started.

All the best to you!


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