Getting through Harmattan with kids

Getting through Harmattan with kids

If you have a kid like mine who would rather be naked all the time, you would be concerned about what to do this season. Especially in a country like Nigeria where the World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised that the mist masking as harmattan right now is actually veryhazardous and therefore, everyone should ensure that they are protected at all times. I have found that kids love their freedom, including a choice of what to wear and whether they want to even put on anything at all (this is a big deal for me, people). But we cannot allow them to have their way all the time, can we? Especially when it has to do with their health and well being. This is the reason we think of what to do to get them to be fine during this season.

A fewtips that is working for me and some that I also want to try are;

Limit outdoor activities:Find other ways to engage them in the house rather than going for an outing. Outside of school and anywhere else that is very important for them to go, let them rather be at home.

Clean every surface: This is not the time to procrastinate cleaning. Ensure that all surfaces are clean and dusted out. Do it periodically, more than before. Because everywhere is dry, dust settles on surfaces easier now than before. So, you want to get ahead of that. To avoid you and your kids inhaling it and falling ill.

Get Air Purifier/Humidifier:I love what it does to my house. It brings some freshness to the air and dispels whatever dust is already in the room/house. If you can, please get it.

Stay hydrated:Ensure that your kids are hydrated at all times. Let them get enough water. Let them have smoothies, juice, yoghurt and whatever else there is to keep kids hydrated.

Keep their food clean and rich with Vitamin C –As much as possible, be selective of what you would have them eat this season. Less processed foods and more fresh food. A lot of fruit and vegetables, please. Boost their immune system so that they do not become ill at all.

Get some Mentholated Rub:For kids age 2 and above, rubbing some mentholated Rub on their chest can help ease their breathing if they have some form of congestion.

Make dressing up fun for them:Give them options between two acceptable choices and have them pick. Add some colours to their attire so that it is attractive to them. It might take a while. They might even revolt the first few times, but eventually they will get into the flow.

For parents of newborns, check outwhat we had earlier collated to ensure that your kids get the best care this harmattan period.

Please be on the lookout for any serious symptoms so that you can alert a paediatrician or visit the hospital immediately. But do everything you can to keep those kids safe so that it doesn’t get to that.

Well done.