Detox after the holidays

Detox after the holidays

We had an awesome time during the holiday, didn’t we? So many family members to laugh with, lots of food to eat, and more drinks than we can count. We did so many experiments and oh! My… so much fun.

Well, now that the holiday is over, the mirror is showing us what we retained from having all that fun. The most popular topic suggestions that we got in our mail over the holiday was to talk about how to lose postpartum weight and also detox after the holiday. Since we’ve talked aboutpostpartum weight loss, how about we give some recommendations for detox after the holidays.

Every nutritionist that I have listened to (and trust me, I have consulted my fair share) have said, “do not rush the process”. If you attempt to lose the weight so fast, you will also gain it back very fast.Detox is healthy. It is actually advised that we try to detox as often as we can – to get rid of all the toxins in our body.

Here are some practical tips to detox this January;

Drink lots of water –staying hydrated is a good way to remove toxins from your body.

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables –Let your diet consist of more fruit and vegetable salad than the regular heavy meal that we are used to.Nuts and seeds are also very good

Exercise –Get on a routine ofexercise. It doesn’t have to be weight lifting or any of that stuff. It only needs to be a routine that gets you to your desired goal and one that you can maintain. The key is to be consistent with it. Don’t wear yourself out from the start. But make sure to start (I am also telling myself this).

Balanced Diet:Your body still need enough nutrients. This is not an attempt to starve yourself. Ensure you are eating a balanced diet. Perhaps morefish, less meat though. And let’s try to work on portion control of food, shall we Smoothies are very good too.Check out some amazing combinations that you could try.

Enough rest:I know. You are probably thinking that this is not realistic for you as a mum. However, you know that rest is important. Get enough sleep, you need it. Your body needs it as well. Find a way to make it work.

The goal is not to make it a crash course, but to actually make a lifestyle out of it. And detoxing is essentially good for you. You can read more about how much of a benefit this can be to youhere.

I hope we can do this. I hope I can do this.

P.S: Ahead of the International women’s day coming up in March, we would like to do a feature on Umi Grandmas. These are mothers who have raised you, gorgeous mothers within the Umi Community. We just want to celebrate them and also tap into their wisdom and experiences. If you would like your mum to be a part of the feature, please send a response to this mail and we will send you the questions and other details. Thank you.