Testimonials from the 2023 Cohort: Umi Mentorship Program

The first cohort of Umi Mentorship program was a huge success. Yippeee!

Applicants were matched with their mentors in August for two sessions per months spanning a 3 – months period. A lot of mentees had their mentors invest more time in them than was actually proposed and that was absolutely amazing!

Here is what some mentees from the last cohort have to say about the mentorship program:

The UMI mentorship program was therapeutic for me. Having to speak to another woman who has walked in my shoes and ready to help me navigate this season. My mentor literally did this. She helped me unpack me journey into marriage and motherhood, helped me set goals as a mother, wife and career woman, and made me see the endless possibilities before me. I’m truly grateful for this experience and I’m already seeing results. I’m super grateful for the opportunity.

Juwonlo M.

The mentorship program was very insightful and inspiring for me.
It helped me review my goals and re-evaluate myself.
It also help me to gain courage to face my fears.
My sessions with my mentor were very inspiring and it helped me realize that there is no excuse for complacency. The assignments from my mentor helped me research and motivated me to dream again.
The book project: Eat that frog, helped me to face my major weakness and avoid procrastination. Thank you so much for the idea of the mentorship program. It came at a perfect time when I really needed someone to talk to.

Eunice A.

UMI Mentorship has made me rediscover myself and given me a clearer perspective to purpose. Most importantly I have a network of quality networks, which has re-establish the fact that life should not be done alone.

Esther O.

I feel so privileged to be part of this mentorship program as a mentee. It has alerted my consciousness of me not being the only mum chasing her career but that there are other mums in the same boat. I believe we’ll achieve our dreams soonest. It has also given me the privilege to express myself to my mentor. Fortunately I’ve known her for 2 decades but there wasn’t a formal connectivity before now. She has really been so helpful guiding me, mentoring me and exposing me to some professional realities as she is a senior colleague and a well experienced one at that. She has also given me tips and guide on being a successful mother while building my career. I’m really elated to be part of this program. Thank you UMI!

Mercy R.

The Umi mentorship program was really helpful. My mentor gave me a sense of upliftment and helped me improve in my prayer life. I’m so grateful to everyone who made the program a success. May God bless you all.

Oluchi A.

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