Why are you sabotaging yourself?

Why are you sabotaging yourself?

A few things to think about

One thing to ask yourself

Why am I sabotaging myself?

One thing that I am always very conscious about is to do absolutely all that I can do, maximizing whatever understanding of my potential I have per time, being the best in what I am involved at all time, so that even if it fails, it would not be because I did not try. I am a praying woman, so I believe God for everything. But I also work extremely hard to live out the goals that I have set for myself. To manifest the home that I have envisioned. To advance the career future that I have seen. And to daily raise the kid that I have been blessed with. The first quarter is drawing to a close and time is been deducted from the timeline that you have set for yourself for that course, that mentorship, that relationship, that self care, that entrepreneurial dreams and so many more. Let it not be you who prevents yourself from being all that you can be. You shouldn’t be your own enemy. Let this be your reminder to pick up your dreams, goal and aspiration, and get to work.

One thing to do this weekend

For all you Work From Home Mums and Mum-preneurs, we have cooked up something super amazing. We understand how lonely and exhausting it can be working from home or being an entrepreneur all while raising little humans. This is the reason we thought we could get some tips to deal with the emotional stress of it all, from a mental health coach.

The event comes up on April 6th, 2024 by 12pm WAT. Go register for the event at umiformothers.com/events. You don’t want to miss it.

Details of the event are on the flier