Where’s your head at?

Where’s your head at?

A few things to note

One question to ask yourself

Where’s my head at?

This past week has been quite challenging. Outside of the challenges of work and been under the weather the whole week, my toddler is currently on break from school. And it’s taking so much for me to not lose my head. As I write this, she has “eating tea” up to four times. Toddlers do not understand that “Mummy is sick,” “Mummy is working” or that “Mummy just wants to rest for a little bit longer.” They want what they want when they want it. And it’s exhausting. You remember all those good parenting tips that I have given in the past, I have violated some of them this week. My head is all over the place. But I am still standing. I am still able to write this to you.

That’s me. How about you? Where’s your head at? Would this weekend be clarifying for you? Tell me…

One thing to do this weekend

Today is our event. Yippee! This is for us all; working mothers, stay at home mums, mum-preneurs and those of us still trying to get into the entrepreneurship groove. This will definitely help us clear our heads, give us better perspectives and we will retain so much wisdom to help us cope in our day to day lives. Come prepared. Do this assessment ahead of the event.

You can join in with these details;

Topic: Umi’s WFH and Mumpreneur Event

Time: Apr 6, 2024 12:00 PM West Central Africa

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Meeting ID: 839 8677 6114

Passcode: 747495

See you there.

Enjoy your weekend.