Aging and Pregnancies

Aging and Pregnancies

I wrote a post earlier about child spacing and I love the feedback about how it resonated with you. Some of you even said you learnt new things. These things matter to me.

Now, I thought we should examine the validity of age restrictions to getting pregnant. Does age increase or decreases our chances of getting pregnant?

Research and medical practitioners emphasise that it does.They say that chances of women getting pregnant in their early twenties are higher than for women in their 30s and 40s. Age is also said to have an effect on the health and development of babies. 1 in 86 women who are pregnant in their 40s are likely to have kids with Down Syndrome or other chromosome anomalies.

Here is my take: I am a researcher, so I have to believe the statistics. However, that is not to say that this depict what is going to become of me or you in our decision to either space our children or wait to get pregnant. Awareness of these information is good. They help us take precaution with our health, and avoid adding negatively to the statistics.

So, I will say:

Take your doctor’s advice seriously. We are not invincible. God gave doctors their wisdom. They are trained to guide us on these things. So, listen to them.

Once you begin to consider getting pregnant, start taking your vitamins; your folic acid, vitamin C, iron and so on. Don’t wait until you conceive before you begin to take your vitamins.

Eat healthy. Take your health seriously.

Avoid drinking, smoking, and other vices that can further complicate your chances.

Go for prenatal consultation and care.

If you feel you would like to wait even longer,consider freezing your eggs/IVF.

We hope for a complication-free pregnancy. We now know that it is better to do the right things, than to complicate the child’s life, and yours.