What’s your own gift?

What’s your own gift?

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One thing we want to know…

What are you doing to celebrate yourself this weekend? It is yet another mother’s day and yes, we deserve it. As we celebrate you, we hope you would also do something to for yourself without feeling any guilt. What a lot of mums within the Umi circle have said that they are doing recently is taking some time to be by themselves. Maybe, that could be your gift this weekend. Treat yourself to some minutes of silence, date or whatever you decide, without the kids. I am going to be binging some movies. You do you.

Something to do this weekend……

As you celebrate yourself this weekend, take a minute to register for our upcoming event. We are going to be talking about motherhood penalty and how to maximize career breaks. We will be having insightful conversations with an expert. Come learn a few things. It’s happening next weekend. See the flier for details and register here to attend.