What talent of yours are you not using?

What talent of yours are you not using?

A few things to reflect on

A question to ask yourself

What talent of yours are you not using?

No one is born with just one thing. We are a collection of several gifts and talents. Everyone has the capacity to do/be different things. What you are known for or that which you see yourself be on a daily basis is what you have allowed yourself to be. It is that part of you that you have given functions to over the years. There is so many more areas of our lives that could be very functional to us or even be impactful that we have just not been using. But you would have discovered it.

So, what is it for you?

Something to do this weekend

To commemorate international women’s day coming up next weekend, Umi will be hosting a webinar on the theme “Adapting to Changing Industries: Upskilling and Reskilling.” The webinar comes up on Saturday March 9th, 2024 by 6pm WAT. We are bringing in an expert to help us better understand the future of work and the skills needed to stay relevant. You do not want to miss it.

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