…..to the mothers and women who raised you

…..to the mothers and women who raised you

Another mother’s day is coming up this weekend. We are so fortunate. We get to be God’s right hand persons to complete the job of creation. I know all too well that this job of motherhood often take more from you than it gives. It appears to be a thankless job. But we keep showing up and we keep doing the best we can. So, I thank you for that. You and I are exceptional.

I want you to think about the many women and mothers who have stood with you and raised/still raising you to become the woman that you are today. Reflect on each of their impacts on you.

Some of them may have even done terrible things to you. I was raised by four mums and I have legion of aunties and mummies still straightening me out as I continue to advance through life. And believe me, they aren’t saint. Not my biological mum or my other mums. But when I look at my growth now, I see traces of each of them in the way I conduct myself and in my approach to things. I never lose sight of the good that they deposited in me, even while trying to grow themselves as human beings.

I am only inviting you to do the same, no matter how tainted the person who raised you must have appeared. No matter how much it appears they screwed up. Find the good in what they did, even if the only good you can find is how not to parent a kid. Find it and be grateful for that wisdom.

As I continue to grow and even much more since I began working with Umi, I have grown to respect age and experience even more. To appreciate the wisdom I get from elders and to understand that no one is perfect.

We will never be 100% perfect parent to our kids at all times. So, I understand now more than ever to appreciate the things that my parent got right about raising me.

You should do the same. Be grateful for those good days. It is a beautiful thing.