Productivity tips for working Mums

Productivity tips for working Mums

If you are like me, you feel like you constantly have too much to do. There is the never ending list of things to do at home. And then the tasks at work keeps on coming. It almost always feels like you are about to crash under the load of responsibilities.

Because I am a woman who wears many hats (trying to be like all of you in this community 😉, I went in search of some useful tips that can help me manage my time while being productive at work and at home. I thought you might also want in on it.

I came across two articles that really helped, one of which is from the company that makes my baby’s favourite snacks while the other is from Thrive Global. From these articles together, I came up with 5 important tips for you, that I think are practical and would really help you in managing your schedule:

Keep a journal – Let that be an outlet for you to pen down your thoughts, ideas, moods, highs and lows. Let that be your form of meditation, away from all the chaos.

Meal Plan and Prep – Plan the meal for the week from the weekend and prep the ones that you can ahead. If you have a good freezer, prep as many meals as possible and bring them out when you need them. That will save you some time during the week. Time that you can spend on your family, to see a movie, to play with your kid and so many more.

Have a To-do list – To put details of what you want to get done. Be realistic about it. Have a list of things to get done at work and at home. For instance, you can write a list of 3 things to do at work and 3 things to do at home. And then get on with it. Plan your day around those things on the list.

Build in some form of rewards as you accomplish the things on your list. When you get one thing done, reward yourself with a walk, make out sessions or thirsty texts to your hubby 😉, play time with your kids, some juice, or whatever it is that will feel like a reward for you. Just don’t make your reward a scroll through social media because you are never just going to stop when you plan to stop (trust me).

Get Help – We cannot overemphasise this. Because there is no way you can achieve all that you want to achieve without help. Get help for your work at the office and get some help for yourself at home. If you cannot afford to pay for an official service, lean on friends and family members.

Sleep – You need sleep to function. Enough sleep helps you to be your optimal self when it is time to do what you need to do.

Now I know all of these may sound dreamy, especially if you are a workaholic like me. But I promise you, they will go a long way to help you plan your life in the future. I rely a lot on meal prep and I lean on my husband and trusted friends/colleagues to help me out at home and at work. The others, I need to work on.

Get on the ride with me, will you?


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