Nothing matters

Nothing matters

Nothing really matters. Absolutely nothing is worth our time. Relationships, education, work, motherhood, businesses, finances. Name it, it doesn’t matter.

If you strip everything down to its bane, you will find that there is no point to anything. Every pursuit leads to another pursuit. No ambition, or goal is a destination in itself. It’s just a threshold/foundation for another pursuit. Every connection is the beginning of another journey. Marriage is the beginning of a journey of companionship with a total stranger, with whom you create a whole new circle of pursuits with. And then, motherhood is a journey of raising whole humans into wonderful kids that are able to make their own decisions.

It’s exhausting.

The only thing that makes anything worthwhile is the meaning we attach to it. That’s what makes anything matter. Everything matters only because of the meaning we attach to it. Because we choose to make it matter.

And that’s beautiful. When it is for a healthy cause. The pursuit of an improvement of one’s self. To achieve a goal. To get to a better outcome. Motherhood is such a beautiful thing. It is a privilege to partake in the process of creation and formation of little humans. That’s such a high responsibility that is reserved for parents. That is the meaning in it. It is the reason we want to do it well. We work to earn a living for ourselves and to make a difference in the world other than our families. That is what makes it meaningful.

Meaning, when it is positive, makes the pursuit of a thing worthwhile.

The minute the meaning you attach to a thing or someone  is detrimental, you have to strip it naked. It doesn’t matter. Once hatred starts to show up based on the meaning you give to a relationship, it’s time to let it go. Once you begin to feel terrible about yourself or as a mum because of a meaning you have attached to what someone said,  you have to let it go. That doesn’t matter. It really is not worth it.

Because nothing exists in a vacuum, you will need to replace it with a positive meaning.

Nothing matters. And everything matters. But you get to decide the meaning you attach to a thing to determine if it’s detrimental or worth it.

You have to learn to split the difference; when to allow your meaning push you to something beautiful, and when to strip off the meaning and let it go.

Motherhood – and life – is a long journey filled with so many moments of self doubt. You are going to want to remind yourself that you are in control of the meaning you attach to anything.

You really are.