How did you wean your kid(s)?

How did you wean your kid(s)?

A few things to reflect on

One thing that we would like to know

How did you wean your kid(s)?

Well, this is for one of the mums in our community who is finding it a bit difficult to wean her 18 months old. I thought we could all weigh in.

For me, I did it gradually. Two weeks to weaning her, I had reduced breastfeeding her to nights only. I made sure she was not hungry during the day, though. There was always cereal, puree, food, and snacks. And I had access to a nanny at the time who would take her away from me, ensure she was fed and play with her so that I could focus on work. A week after her first birthday, she stopped wanting to breastfeed. She was done. And I was very glad. That’s how I did mine.

How were you able to do it? Please help this mum. She has tried putting ‘bitter oil’ on her nipple, but her kid is very intelligent (he just wipes it off and gets down to business). So, over to you. What did you do that you think can help this mum wean her 18 months old off breastmilk?

One thing to do this weekend

How about we read something together this weekend? I found this article in New York Times about “The Birth of a Mother” a beautiful read. (If you experience any trouble reading it, reply this email and we’ll send you a copy). It provides so much perspectives into this journey of motherhood. I think you will love it. You could even share your thoughts on it with us or another mum when you are done.

Enjoy your weekend!