Holiday traditions

Holiday traditions

Yaaay! Christmas is here and for a lot of people, this is their favourite time of the year. A lot of corporate people save their leave of absence for this time so that they can have the whole holiday to yourself. This is the season that everyone, regardless of faith or belief, denomination or state of mind can relate with. The streets be forcing it on you sef, even if you no wan participate.

Aside all the lights, decorations, trees and festivities, so many families attach some traditions to this holiday. Nearly all the mums that we’ve spotlighted and ask the questions about their most profound childhood memory have had something unique to say about the way their families celebrated the holiday -the food, the singing and dancing, the family time and so many more.

I myself grew up travelling to the village almost every Christmas, singing and dancing with other members of my families, eating my Grandma’s peppered buns every morning for the one week that I would spend there, listening to my Grandpa share his experiences as a child, and sharing his meat with him. As I grew up, the traditions morphed into us staying back at our place to wake up early in the morning to prepare Jollof rice that would be taking to some villages to share, going to church for the service and then coming home to cook some delicious egusi soup and pounded yam. We will be tired and sleepy, but we would all be together. And at night, there was always stories to share -from Daddy, Mummy and from us, the kids.

While we have fanatics like me, there are those who have never felt the need for any family traditions either because they don’t have the time due to their work or they just don’t see what the fuss is about. I mean everyday can be made special. Why try to force so many activities and traditions into one particular period of the year? And then there is the consumerism and materialism of it all. Everyone being so particular and entitled about what gifts they give or receive from people. Instead of all that, why not just spend the day resting quietly at home?

Which one are you? Team holiday traditions or Team no holiday traditions for me?

And if you have traditions, what are they?


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