Have you ever travelled without your kid(s)?

Have you ever travelled without your kid(s)?

A few things to think about

One thing we want to know

When was the first time you travelled without your kid(s) and how was it? How did you feel? I travelled without my kid for the first time when she was Eight (8) months and it was a bittersweet experience. I enjoyed the time alone that I had for the two days that I was away, but I really missed having her with me. What helped was knowing that my husband was capable of caring for her and I was pumping every chance that I had on the trip so that I could replenish our milk bank when I got home.

Now, it’s your turn. What was it like for you?

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I have a request to make. I have enjoyed reading from everyone who has taken the time to send me mail and respond to some of the newsletters. Thank you guys, for being my cheerleaders. Those mails, your questions and even just you sharing with me are proof that this is not a waste. I do appreciate it. Please don’t stop. Don’t hesitate. If there’s anything you feel like sharing with me, I am always reading. Just go ahead and share. Also, if there’s a particular topic or area you would want me to write about, send me a mail. I will put it in my line up. For those who have not sent me mail before, will you try doing that this weekend? I will wait by my phone. I love you guys.

Enjoy your weekend.