Beautiful family traditions

Beautiful family traditions

If you are like me who grew up with family traditions and would like to have some with your new family, you are in luck.

We have a few suggestions:

Cook together: You can create a menu for the holiday, fold it into a ballot and have everyone pick. Whatever you pick is what you will make for the house. Food do not waste in this season because family members are always around to eat it. And you have friends who would pop in for a quick hi. So, you don’t have to worry about wasting food. Only make sure that what’s on the menu are things that everyone can make or can quickly learn. It doesn’t have to be anything tongue twisting or that would take 4 days to make. The idea is to have everyone pitch in and for you all to have fun.

Get the Hymn book out: Now that the family will be together, it’s a good time to bring out the old hymn book and sing your lungs out. Or you can make it a karaoke thing. Arrange songs from old records that you all prefer and take turns singing, dancing and enjoy the company.

Have the kids donate their old items – This is one tradition that I have started with my kid since she came last year. She is not old enough to know that we are doing it on her behalf but as soon as she is, we will encourage her to continue with it. As a family, we take out things that we have not used in a long time but that are still very good and neat, and we donate it to whoever or wherever we think it would be useful. Get your kids doing this as well. They don’t always have to expect gift. They can give the gift as well. I am not against buying as many gifts for your kids as you want, but encourage them to change other people’s lives through their own acts of kindness. All those shoes, clothes and toys that you bought for them recently but they have outgrown. Have them pack those things up and decide who or where they want to give it. That’s a legacy that will stay with them.

Plan some outdoor activities – Those places you have been meaning to go, you can plan them for this holiday. Although I am not a big fan of going out during the Christmas and New year festivities, because everywhere appears to be very rowdy. And rowdy is not where I shine. But for you, it could be fun. And I am sure you could even find places that may not be as rowdy, if you are introverted like me. You can even make it a trip out of town. Go visit another beautiful city or village. Go visit your family members out of town. Whatever it is you want. Just have fun.

Watch some Christmas movies – This never gets old. There are so many of these on Netflix, AmazonPrime or anywhere else you stream your movies. Settle in your cozy living room, grab some snacks, sit together as a family and enjoy some mushy, predictable storyline of Christmas.

Game night – Bring out the games and just enjoy playing them together.

There are so many more traditions that you can enjoy for the holiday. Just make it about you and your family. Forge new traditions, enjoy one another’s company. Do not go overboard. You should not go into debt because you want to do anything this holiday season. There are so many things you can do without buying so many things. Focus on the experience and not try to outshine another family or even meet the criteria of a social media influencer.

Even if you will be working through this holiday, still find a way to plug yourself in with your family. Stay connected on the phone or how you can. No one should be alone this season. In your cozy little corner, do what makes you incredibly happy.

Enjoy the Holidays.


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