Attributes to encourage in your kids

Attributes to encourage in your kids

Everything we do (or don’t do) leaves an impression on our kids. They are blank slates upon which history can be re-written, new paths can be created and hopefully better outcomes are imprinted. This is the reason we try so hard as parents to be intentional in what we instil in our kids.

A lot of times, parents wait until their kids start making some mistakes before they begin to correct them and gear them in the right direction. I hope  we won’t be like that.

Some very important trait that you should start encouraging in your kids are;

Kindness – Because kindness is the currency of a sane world.

Responsibility – You want kids who are capable of handling tasks by themselves. Assign chores to them and when they do it without you having to nudge them, please appreciate them for that.

Self control – They say kids’ emotional intelligence takes time to develop. But when you see your kids’ upset and instead of throwing themselves on the ground or lashing out, they decide to process it calmly, that’s something to praise.

Honesty – It really is the best policy. You want your kids to be able to tell you the truth at all times. As a matter of fact, they should be known for being honest.

Patience – Encourage your kids to enjoy the process of doing things. To not get frustrated the moment things start getting tough. But rather, patiently stay the course until they have completed the process or the task. Patience is indeed a virtue; one that kids should start learning as soon as possible.

Teamwork – Our kids will not remain in our house, no matter how hard we try. They will have to go to school, work with people and interact with other members of the society. Our kids should not be one of those people who say, “I work better alone.” Even if you are one of those, encourage your kids to have smooth rapport with others. To work with his/her brothers and sisters to complete chores, a puzzle and anything else. That way they grow up to understand the strength in good numbers and its impact in the society.

Empathy – Our kids should be able to see someone that’s hurt or in pain and be able to say, “sorry.” Or be able to lend a helping hand when they see that someone needs it.

Intelligence – Let’s encourage our kids to think for themselves. To make meaning off seemingly complex things.

Creativity – When our kids make something, we better encourage them. When they see past limitations and they are able to point out perspectives different from what’s available, please praise that.

And so many more..

When you see them demonstrate any of these qualities, you call it out and appreciate that they did that. It shouldn’t only be the bad things that call their attention to (by scolding). You should notice those good traits and encourage your kids to live them even more.

Well, they say parenting is not that hard. If we wake up everyday being intentional about leaving a good imprint on our kids.

We are off to a great start, aren’t we?