Your house maybe making your kids sick

Your house maybe making your kids sick

Caring for our kids is our number one priority. I trust you to be doing a great job. However, there are aspects of housekeeping that you may not be paying attention to that can be harmful to your kids and you as well.

Let’s break it down to different areas in the house;

Kitchen and Bathroom

The floor, cooking areas and countertops in your kitchen may be clean, but

Your Tap and shower heads may be dirty. Wash the mouth, body and screw areas of your Tap.

Wash your sink thoroughly.

Clean underneath your sink or anywhere in your kitchen and bathroom where mould can settle in.

Clean inside your fridge and freezer for any dirt.

Don’t forget to clean underneath your cabinets, behind your fridge, the back of the water closets, inside your cabinets, organiser and everywhere else. Basically, there should be nowhere in your kitchen, bathroom or house that you cannot see through. No hideouts for germs or mould to grow.

Sponges and foams are good spots for bacteria and germs, so change them out frequently.

Bedroom and Living room

It’s time to clean your curtains and blinds. Those things hold dust.

Clean out the window panes in your house for dust.

It’s time to sweep under your bed frame. So, move things around this weekend and let’s clean those places, shall we?

The back of your wardrobes and dressers. Don’t forget to clean them.

You need to clean those bedsheets this weekend.

Your door handles are usually the most neglected. Let’s pay more attention to those now.

Clean out your cooling and heating system including your fan. They hold dust and mould.

Don’t forget to clean the crevices of your chairs, your console and everywhere else.

While you are at it, please use harmless cleaning products. Let it be products that are non-toxic especially for your kids.

In a nutshell, clean out every surface or anywhere dust or mould may settle in. Let there be nowhere in your house where bacteria or germs may grow. It is not enough to make healthy meals for our kids or make sure that all their vaccines and multivitamins are updated. It is also important that the environment we live in is clean.

God’s speed, Mama.