The break is over: Just a little reminder

The break is over: Just a little reminder

The break is over, kids are back in school this week. What an amazing experience it was having them at home for that period. Being able to bond with them, spend some quality time and teach them more values than we would have. So beautiful.

As they go back to school,

Don’t forget to update their immunisation shot

Affirm them everyday,

Have atime table of healthy diets for them.

You will find theseessentials very useful as well.

If your kids are on any medication or have any form of allergies, please let your kids’ handlers be aware of it.

Again, remind them to be careful while they handle your children’s things

And more importantly, don’t leave the teaching entirely to the teachers in school. Stay on top of their education. Have a plan for engaging them productively while they are at home with you. Watch their mannerism and the extra things they are picking up from school. You will find that your kids are learning more than what’s on the curriculum.