Power play

Power play

I attended a meeting last weekend where the speaker, a retired banker and a life coach, spoke about power play. I love the perspectives she brought. Here are a few things that I noted:

– There is power play everyday around us or against us. Not just from bosses or politicians, but from our spouses and even our children. Partners have been known to guilt trip or act oblivious to your reality, and children have been known to manipulate.

– The reason power play is associated with negativity is because of the display of authority without consideration for the next person.

– Power play is not something to shy away from. Power is always in play, whether you like it or not. You play it to your own advantage.

– Women can wield their power to showcase their strengths while also helping others to play to their own strengths.

– Parents can use their power to create an environment at home where children feel heard and each the center of attention without the need to play all kinds of tricks to be heard.

– Partners can use their power to ensure peace in the home while celebrating each of their strengths and truly be better for one another.

– Either at work or at home, power play should be utilised to elevate the team, and not just for selfish reasons.

– There are4 golden rules of power play;

a. Expand and develop your relationship – So you have the right reference and adequate information for your display of power.

b. Let your power play be backed by information for your team, your kids and your family to understand.

c. Do not misuse your power. Do not force your will on others. It is still a free world (No coercion, people).

d. The real power is not necessarily about the office you occupy or your role. It’s about your influence. Beware of occupational or positional power. Instead, focus on having the right influence on people.

Power is influence. Do not miss an opportunity to help others do well in their role or in their lives, but do not overplay your influence in other people’s lives. I pray you find the balance.