On the basis of fibroid

On the basis of fibroid

I discovered soon after I got married that I had fibroid; very large ones that made it impossible for me to conceive. In that painful period of my life, I found that these non-cancerous tumors that attach themselves to the uterus isthe tragedy that the majority of African women go through.

And the reason for this is associated with the following;

Age– women between the ages of 30-50 are most susceptible to fibroid.

Vitamin D deficiency

Ladies who began their period early have an increased risk of fibroid.

Genetics – women with a history of fibroid in their families also run the risk of having one themselves.

Obesity – being overweight also increases the risk of having fibroid.

There are so many other reasons why women have fibroid. The research on this is still inconclusive.

A lot of time, fibroid remains benign and does not change in size for a lot of women. However, itssymptoms are rather intrusive.

They include;


Chronic stomach pain

Back pain

Swollen feet and pain

Heavy and prolonged menstruation

Frequent urination

Difficulty urinating

And so many more…

A lot of people associate these pain with the trials of womanhood. “It’s just one of those things that women would have to go through,” we say. Well, there are so many things women (and men) would have to go through in this life. But if it is something that can be treated, managed or even prevented, I do think we ought to try. So that we can all live full lives.

So, how can wereduce the risk of fibroids?

You should get yourself checked as often as you can. Especially if you are already experiencing any of these symptoms, do not put it off. See a doctor for proper diagnosis.

Stress increases the chances and growth of fibroid. So, lower your stress level. Rest, my woman. Rest

Exercise. A little less sedentary lifestyle and more activities that keep you fit (note to self).

Eat a more balanced diet. More food that is healthy for you.

Avoid alcohol and smoking. And please reduce your intake of caffeine.

Please avoid anything that increases your blood pressure. Less red meat, salt or added sugar.

Let the doctors advise you on the best birth control methods to be on. Some birth control methodshave been said to either increase or decrease the risks of fibroid.

This is a prevailing diagnosis among African women that still is so scarcely discussed. If you are already diagnosed with fibroid, please do what needs to be done. Explore thetreatment options available for you. Please do not shrug anything off. Get yourself checked and be healthy.

I wish you well.