How’s the sex?

How’s the sex?

Sex after childbirth is by far one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced. For a lot of people, it can become absolutely dreadful. Especially if the childbirth experience was not so pleasant.
Sex is not everything in marriage. But it is a huge part of the package. It is not for the purpose of keeping partners from cheating on one another. Rather, it is for both partners to enjoy and share a sacred level of intimacy. But childbirth can put a dent on that for a lot of women.

Fatigue from this new responsibility (caring for your new baby) can cause some women to be disinterested in sex.

Tears/episiotomy from vaginal birth can cause some women to experience pain during sex after childbirth. That takes the whole enjoyment out of it.

For C.S, waiting for the incision to heal is a whole thing.

These are the reasonsdoctors would usually recommend you wait six weeks after childbirthor at least after you have been cleared of no health risks before you start getting physical again.

But you know your body.

You can determine when you are ready.

And even when you feel ready, it can still be painful.

So, to ease that:
Take a warm bath or have a massage.

Use lubricants. Vaginal dryness is common after childbirth, so take the help you can get.

Spend a lot more time on foreplay. To get you really ready.

Tell your partner what exactly you want.

Take your time. There is no race. It’s just both of you. So, take your time.

Don’t forget to have a birth control plan before you start having sex again. That can also affect your experience with sex.

Postpartum depression can also be a reason for your lack of interest with sex. If you feel sad about everything, cannot control the rate at which you are crying, having feelings of shame or guilt, being irritable, or just not interested in anything, please consider speaking with a professional.

You are worth all the time and effort you take to get your groove on physically, and mentally.