What can you remove from your life to improve it’s quality?

What can you remove from your life to improve it’s quality?

A few things to reflect on

One thing to ask yourself

What can I remove from my life to improve it’s quality? You know things could be better than they already are for you and your family? But you are still holding on to some traits, habits, things and people that have been setting you back. This is your reminder to name it and to take active steps to let those go.

For me, I know I probably will get a lot more done if I am not on social media as often as I am. I am working on it, seriously. What about you? What is it you need to let go to improve the quality of your life?

I always read your mails. Tell me.

One thing to try this weekend

This weekend, check up on your mum. If you live nearby, pay them a visit, send me a mail to send you questions for the Umi Grandma spotlight and ask your mum those questions. Then send me her responses and we will feature her the weekend of International Women’s Day.

Our mums are our gems of wisdom. They taught you a lot of what constitute who you are today. So, let’s celebrate them for you. And hey, it doesn’t have to be your biological mum alone. I have five mums (I am blessed, seriously) whom I love so dearly. They have taught me a lot of the values that I live by now. So, I get if you have other mums who you respect and would love us to feature. Send me a mail, I will send you further details as well as the questions.

I will be expecting to read your mail.

Enjoy your weekend.