Wendy Appelbaum

Wendy Appelbaum stands as one of South Africa’s most successful businesswomen, boasting an estimated net worth of around R2 billion. Her journey to success began with her early appointment as a director at Liberty Investors, where she quickly rose to prominence within the company. Notably, she now chairs De Morgenzon Wine Estate, showcasing her diverse portfolio of leadership roles.

In 2006, Appelbaum was internationally recognized as one of the world’s top female entrepreneurs, a testament to her exceptional business acumen and leadership prowess. Her smart and tenacious personality has propelled her to remarkable heights, driving her success beyond measure.

Having worked in her father’s company, Liberty Group, and served as a director at Liberty Group Investors, Appelbaum emerged as one of the company’s largest individual shareholders. She later ventured into the wine industry, co-founding De Morgenzon Wine Estate with her husband in 2003.

In 1994, Wendy co-founded Women’s Investment Portfolio Holdings (Wiphold), where she served as Deputy Chairman. Together with 10 influential women, they empowered women from all backgrounds, providing them with the tools and knowledge to invest and improve their financial literacy.

Appelbaum’s contributions have earned her numerous awards and accolades throughout her career, further solidifying her reputation as a visionary leader. She also holds positions on several boards, leveraging her expertise to drive positive change and empower others in various sectors. Beyond her professional achievements, Wendy is a devoted wife and mother of two boys, balancing her remarkable career with her family life.

Location: South Africa
Job: Chairperson, De Morgenzon Wine Estate amongst other roles.
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