Tolulope Adejumo

Tolulope Adejumo is a multifaceted woman of faith, navigating her diverse roles with grace and purpose. Central to her priorities are her unwavering Christian faith and her deep commitment to family, evidenced by her joyful marriage to Pastor Gbemiga Adejumo and their loving upbringing of their two cherished children, Soteria and Toviyah.

Passionate about empowering others, Tolulope channels her enthusiasm through her YouTube Channel, where she shares insights on ministry, marriage, and motherhood. Drawing from personal experiences, she authentically connects with her audience, offering encouragement and guidance, particularly to younger generations navigating life’s complexities.

A natural entrepreneur, Tolulope has successfully established several thriving businesses, leveraging her social media presence as a content creator to become a respected lifestyle brand influencer. As the founder and CEO of Rock Built Homes, she promotes healthy love in marriage and relationships, while also spearheading faith-based initiatives such as Solutions Foundation and March to Motherhood, which support indigent pregnant women and underprivileged children, respectively.

At the helm of the Solutions Mentoring School, Tolulope mentors women from diverse backgrounds, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and live purposeful lives. Her journey from banking in Nigeria to earning an MBA with distinction in the UK, followed by a stint in civil service before transitioning to full-time entrepreneurship in Canada before the age of 30, reflects her unwavering determination and focus.

Tolulope’s impactful lifestyle has garnered recognition, earning her nominations and awards, including acknowledgment as one of the Street Church Media 100 Most Influential Youths. Through her dynamic leadership and unwavering commitment to making a difference, Tolulope continues to inspire and uplift others, embodying the essence of faith, resilience, and success.

Job: YouTuber, Brand Influencer and Content Creator; Founder and CEO of Rock Built
Location: Nigeria
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