Tolu Michaels

Tolu Michaels is a prolific author and digital entrepreneur dedicated to empowering modern entrepreneurs on their journey to building purposeful and profitable brands. Drawing from her own experiences in entrepreneurship, she provides invaluable insights to help others discover their drive and gain clarity in their branding efforts.

Passionate about leveraging technology for personal brand success, Tolu has cultivated a global digital business brand with clients spanning a dozen countries across five continents. Through her training series, she has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs, boasting over 10,000 email subscribers weekly and a broader audience of over 50,000 across various digital platforms.

Her bestselling book, “Show Up,” serves as a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs seeking to establish an enviable brand and effectively communicate their personal values to their target audience in today’s rapidly evolving society. With a focus on resilience and consistency, “Show Up” inspires readers to embody the entrepreneurial spirit and scale their influence to sell impactful products.

Tolu’s expertise has garnered recognition from top-tier media outlets, earning her the title of pioneer honoree in the esteemed Future-Forward Female Folio. Armed with an Engineering degree from Covenant University and a Certification in Disruptive Strategy from Harvard Business School, Tolu Michaels is at the forefront of the business scene, creating opportunities through innovative technology and digital resources.

In addition to her professional endeavoirs, Tolu cherishes her role as a mother, balancing her entrepreneurial pursuits with the joys of motherhood.

Location: Nigeria
Job: Personal Brand Strategist, Author
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