Tabitha Karanja

Tabitha’s journey to success is a testament to her unwavering resilience and determination. At 51 years old, she stands as the founder and CEO of Kenya’s sole large-scale brewery owned by a Kenyan. In 1997, she boldly launched Keroche Breweries, initially focusing on fortified wine before expanding into spirits and eventually, in 2008, beer.

Breaking through gender stereotypes and challenging the long-standing dominance of international giants like East African Breweries (EAB), Tabitha ventured into uncharted territory. Despite facing initial resistance from distributors hesitant to sell her products, she persevered, and her main beer brand, Summit, eventually gained widespread acceptance in Kenya. The overwhelming popularity of Summit prompted Tabitha to invest in the expansion of her brewery, with a $29 million upgrade unveiled last year. As Keroche Breweries continues to thrive, Tabitha sets her sights on further expansion into neighboring countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Beyond her professional achievements, Tabitha finds fulfillment in her roles as a devoted wife and mother of four children, striking a balance between her entrepreneurial pursuits and family responsibilities.

Job: Founder and CEO, Keroche Breweries
Location: Kenya
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