Salma Okonkwo

Salma Okonkwo, a trailblazing Ghanaian entrepreneur at 48, stands out as a prominent female figure in the energy sector, serving as the CEO and Founder of UBI Group. In the midst of global discussions on climate change, renewable energy, and socioeconomic development, Salma Okonkwo is spearheading the establishment of Ghana’s largest solar farm, aptly named Blue Power Energy. Anticipated to be operational by March 2019, this project underscores her commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Born into a family of 14 siblings within a community where women actively contribute to the household economy, Salma Okonkwo’s journey into the energy industry took shape after she completed her studies in Los Angeles. Upon returning to Ghana in 2003, she embarked on her professional career, securing a position with the esteemed oil and gas company Sahara Energy Group.

Reflecting on her upbringing, Salma Okonkwo has expressed her desire to address the energy needs of every village in Ghana, inspired by the challenges her own family faced in accessing fuel. With a vision for widespread energy access, she is dedicated to implementing greener, more sustainable solutions for the long term.

In addition to her groundbreaking work in the energy sector, Salma Okonkwo embraces the role of motherhood, nurturing and supporting her family alongside her impactful contributions to Ghana’s energy landscape.

Location: Ghana
Job: CEO and Founder of UBI Group.
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