Reem Asaad

Reem serves as the Vice President for the Middle East & Africa at Cisco, boasting a robust career spanning over 20 years across diverse sectors such as technology, financial services, and customer experience. Recognized as one of the Middle East’s most influential women by Forbes, Reem possesses a remarkable ability to adapt her leadership approach to navigate complex work environments, seamlessly transitioning between leading from the front and providing support to her team as needed.

In her current role, Reem is entrusted with the task of fortifying Cisco’s position as a premier technology provider and consultant for organizations across the Middle East and Africa. Amidst the rapid evolution of digital transformation, she focuses on fostering strategic collaborations with governments, customers, and partners. Leveraging Cisco’s advanced solutions portfolio, Reem works tirelessly to propel the digitization agendas of these entities, driving innovation and growth in the region.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Reem embraces the role of motherhood with equal dedication and commitment.

Location: Egyptian
Job: Vice President, Middle East, And Africa at Cisco
Umi100 Honouree 2024