Omoni Oboli

Omoni Oboli is a powerhouse in the Nigerian film industry, serving as the head of Dioni Visions
Limited, a leading production and movie equipment rental company. With a diverse skill set
encompassing acting, scriptwriting, producing, and directing, Omoni has made significant
contributions to Nollywood’s landscape.
A graduate of the New York Film Academy, Omoni boasts an impressive portfolio, having starred
in, written, produced, and directed five feature films. Among her notable works are “Being Mrs.
Elliott” (2014), “The First Lady” (2015), “Okafor’s Law” (2017), and the immensely successful
“Wives on Strike” (2016) and its sequel “Wives on Strike: The Revolution” (2017).
Her achievements extend beyond the screen, as she holds the title of the highest-grossing female
director/actor/scriptwriter/producer in Nigerian cinema history. Several of her films, including
“Wives on Strike” and “Okafor’s Law,” rank among the highest-grossing movies of all time at the
Nigerian box office.
Omoni’s talents have garnered recognition both locally and internationally, earning her awards
such as Best Actress at prestigious events like the Harlem International Film Festival and the Los
Angeles Movie Awards. Additionally, her film “Okafor’s Law” received acclaim as part of the
official selection at renowned festivals like the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and the
Stockholm International Film Festival.
Beyond her professional achievements, Omoni is deeply committed to philanthropy, serving as
the founder of the Omoni Oboli Foundation. Through this nonprofit organization, she provides
essential support to underprivileged women and children in Nigeria.
Alongside her successful career and philanthropic endeavors, Omoni cherishes her role as a
mother, embodying the balance between professional excellence and family life.

Location: Nigeria
Job: actress, scriptwriter, producer, and director