Malak El Baba

Malak El Baba serves as Egypt’s Country Manager for Visa, a global leader in digital payments. With a rich background spanning marketing, business development, and strategic partnerships, Malak has been instrumental in deepening Visa’s presence and accelerating growth in Egypt’s dynamic market.

Since assuming her role in May 2020, Malak has spearheaded initiatives to expand Visa’s market share and introduce innovative payment solutions tailored to Egypt’s evolving landscape. Her strategic focus on new business lines and untapped segments has yielded significant results, positioning Visa for success amidst emerging market dynamics.

Prior to her current position, Malak held key leadership roles within Visa, including Senior Marketing Director for North Africa, Levant, and Pakistan Region, as well as Marketing Director for North and Francophone Africa. Her extensive experience has honed her ability to develop effective marketing strategies, incubate new business models, and forge impactful partnerships.

Malak’s dedication to fostering innovation extends beyond her professional endeavors. As a mentor and observer at Endeavor Egypt and a member of the investment committee at Falak Start-ups, she actively supports high-impact entrepreneurs and contributes to economic growth and job creation initiatives.

Throughout her career, Malak has been recognized for her creativity and leadership, earning accolades such as four MENA Effies Awards and two Media Efficiency Awards. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs with a focus on Economic Development from the Lebanese American University.

Beyond her professional achievements, Malak takes pride in being a devoted mother to an Egyptian young man, embodying her commitment to both personal and professional success.

Job: Vice President – Egypt, Visa
Location: Egypt
Umi100 Honouree 2024