Ilze Johnston

Ilze Johnston, formerly the Delivery & Diversity Leader at Honeywell Western Europe & Africa and most recently, the Global Process Improvement Specialist for Anglo American EMEA, APAC, and LATAM, firmly believes that success is a mindset rather than a mere title. With 15 years of specialized experience in various areas including niche market recruitment, onboarding, performance management, succession planning, and Diversity & Inclusion, Ilze’s journey began at a young age.

Even at the age of 14, Ilze held multiple jobs to earn pocket money and gain valuable experience. She dedicated her weekends to working at Careers24 while pursuing her full-time degree, demonstrating her commitment to learning and personal growth. From assisting a General Practitioner to working as an Administrator at a retail carpet shop, Ilze embraced diverse opportunities to expand her knowledge and skills.

After completing her degree in Psychology and Communications, Ilze embarked on her career in Executive Recruitment. This role sparked her interest in understanding the decisions that contribute to long-term success and job satisfaction. Ilze’s journey has been guided by her curiosity and willingness to explore new avenues.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Ilze is also a devoted mother.

Job: Talent Acquisition Delivery Leader of Africa, Benelux, Germany & Austria, Northern
& Southern Europe at Honeywell
Location: South African
Umi100 Honouree 2024