Grace Wangeci

Grace Wangeci is a dynamic business leader renowned for her transformative influence on workforces and strategic acumen in steering organizational success. Recognized as a recipient of the Top 25 Women in Management Africa 2024 award and CEO/MD Of the Year 2023 accolade on The Top 100 Executive List, Grace’s leadership and dedication to excellence are highly acclaimed.

During her tenure as Country Manager in Tanzania, Grace adeptly navigated challenging market conditions to drive business growth over nine years. Leveraging her expertise in cultivating robust customer relationships, she propelled the business forward, expanding its footprint and attracting new customers.

Beyond her corporate roles, Grace is a Certified Professional Coach and Health Warrior, embodying a holistic approach to leadership and personal development. Her unwavering commitment to driving positive change and empowering others underscores her pursuit of excellence in all facets of her career.


Job: Country Manager, Smart Applications International Ltd
Location: Tanzania
Umi100 Honouree 2024