Danai Nhando

Danai Nhando is a versatile human rights lawyer who has dedicated her career to combating injustices. She is particularly passionate about leveraging technology for social justice causes. As the country director of Change.org, a firm empowering people to initiate campaigns and petitions for driving solutions, Nhando is leading the expansion of Change.org in Africa, the largest citizen-driven petition platform globally.

Nhando’s transition from law to education was fueled by her experience with illiterate clients, especially women, highlighting the need for accessible learning solutions. Despite facing challenges as a woman in her field, she draws strength from her upbringing and strives to make her voice heard.

Venturing into the tech space, Nhando cultivated resilience to ensure her ideas were recognized and implemented. She emphasizes the importance of balancing work with family commitments, advocating for understanding and support from her colleagues. As a devoted mother and wife, Nhando demonstrates that success in the workplace does not diminish her role as a loving parent and spouse.

Location: South Africa
Job: Change.org South Africa Country Director
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