Clare Akamanzi

Clare Akamanzi, a prominent Rwandan figure, is a distinguished lawyer, entrepreneur, politician, and¬† public administrator. Recognized as one of Forbes Africa’s 50 most powerful women of 2020, she served as the CEO of the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and holds a position in the Rwandan Cabinet.

The NBA has heralded a new chapter in African basketball with the appointment of Clare Akamanzi as the President of NBA Africa.In her role, Akamanzi is leading the strategic development of basketball and business ventures for the NBA across the continent. Her responsibilities include enhancing the popularity of basketball, promoting grassroots development, expanding media coverage, forging corporate partnerships, and championing social responsibility initiatives to empower African youth and families.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Akamanzi’s commitment to transformative change is evident in her personal life. Married to Alex Ndibwami, a lecturer at Makerere University, she finds balance as a devoted mother to two children.¬

Location: Rwanda
Job: CEO, NBA Africa
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