Bolanle Austen-Peters

Bolanle Austen-Peters (BAP) is one of Nigeria’s most prolific theatre and movie directors and producers. She has pioneered the national and international re-emergence of the Nigerian theatre industry. With a passion for the arts, BAP founded Terra Kulture in 2003 after developing an interest in the creative sector. Terra Kulture was established because there were no places in Nigeria with the appropriate ambiance for Nigerians and foreigners alike to learn about Nigeria’s rich cultural and linguistic heritage. After years of hard work, Terra Kulture has become a resounding success, recognized as a major cultural hub in Nigeria for expatriates, students, Hollywood and Nollywood stars, artists, and members of the diplomatic corps.

An indigene of Ekiti, born in Ibadan, Oyo State in the south-western region of Nigeria, Bolanle Austen-Peters is a lawyer by training. She began her career serving as a lawyer with the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights in Switzerland, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and the United Nations Development Programme. In the year 2000, after Bolanle Austen-Peters and her husband decided to relocate home, the quintessential businesswoman soon realized that she had a burning desire to create jobs and engage in activities that were passion-driven. After a little soul-searching, Terra Kulture was born.

Bolanle Austen-Peters is not only a trailblazer in the Nigerian arts and entertainment industry but also a mother, balancing her successful career with her role as a dedicated parent.

Job: Theatre and Movie Director, Producer, Founder Terra Kulture
Location: Nigeria
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