Baratang Miya

Baratang Miya is an esteemed figure in the tech industry, boasting 18 years of experience as a software developer and tech founder. As the visionary behind Girlhype Women Who Code Academy, she pioneered Africa’s first software engineering academy dedicated to empowering women and girls. Additionally, she is the innovative mind behind Buza App and holds a pivotal role as the deputy chair of the South African Internet Governance Forum (ZAIGF) Multi-Stakeholder Committee.

Baratang’s relentless efforts to bridge the gender gap in technology have garnered widespread recognition. She has collaborated with renowned companies such as Adobe, Mozilla, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and UN Women to advocate for women’s digital and technology skills education. Her impact extends globally, as she was honored as an Emerging Leader in Tech Education and Entrepreneurship by the US government’s TechWomen program in 2015.

In addition to her advocacy work, Baratang lends her expertise to esteemed organizations like the United Nations and the South African School on Internet Governance Forum. She also serves as an executive board member for Silicon Cape and the national Black IT Forum, while playing a strategic role as a national partner in the “We the Internet” initiative.

Baratang’s academic credentials include a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management from the University of Cape Town. She further solidified her expertise with a graduation from the International School of Technology in Brazil.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Baratang finds fulfillment in her role as a devoted mother to two children. Her dedication to both her family and her mission of empowering women in the tech space exemplifies her unwavering commitment to creating positive change on a global scale.

Job: Founder and CEO of GirlHype – Women Who Code
Location: South Africa
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