Aisa Muya

Dr. Aisa Muya is a seasoned medical doctor and public health specialist with over two decades of invaluable experience in the field. Her expertise encompasses program design, management, and implementation, cultivated through her work with esteemed local and international public health organizations. Currently serving as the Head of Programmes at Amref Health Africa in Tanzania, she provides strategic oversight and direction for the organization’s extensive program portfolio, consisting of over 20 donor-funded projects across Tanzania.

Dr. Muya is revered for her adept analytical skills and exemplary leadership in institutional capacity strengthening, particularly within resource-constrained environments. Her involvement in multi-donor and multi-funded projects has earned her widespread recognition and respect among health sector stakeholders, both locally and internationally. She has played a pivotal role in various health initiatives, including HIV/AIDS prevention, maternal and child health programs, and youth sexual and reproductive health programs. Furthermore, her contributions extend to academia, with several published papers in reputable journals and presentations at prestigious national and international conferences.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Dr. Aisa Muya finds fulfillment as a dedicated wife and loving mother.

Job: Director of Programs at Amref Health Africa
Location: Tanzania